Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wango Tango, Baby!

Now normally I would not write so off topic, however, I felt compelled this afternoon. I have a handful of music sites that I check for news and updates. Today, while on I stumbled upon a true gem. Something that said, "ya know, Freedom isn't free!" It was the story of a young Brianna Curry who sadly is suffering from a brain tumor. However, through the Make-A-Wish foundation, she was able to meet one of the greatest Americans to ever grace this beautiful land. Who is this man? Well my friends, none other than the Motor City Madman himself, Mr. Ted Nugent. Apparently, Curry is going to spend four days with the Nuge, and she will get to be a part of his nature show down in Texas.

In all honesty, this is one of the best things I have read all year. I am, in fact, a self-admitted Ted Nugent fan. That man can play guitar and that's that. But I could not help but think about how this girl's family reacted when she said, "Yes, I would truly love to spend what could quite possibly be the last of my days with Ted Nugent." This is the same guy who once became a 17 year old Hawaiian girl's personal guardian in order to have sex with her. These colors obviously do not run.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes I summer in the Burg...

With one sibling living in, arguably, the hipster belly of the east coast, I only tend to make out there during the summer. I love going there to have my sister show new places to see shows, get tattoos, have a meal, or go thrifting. A dear friend of mine from high school started going to NYU two years ago. His first dorm was in Manhattan, then he moved to Chindatown, and finally he moved to the Burg over the summer. I began to notice with each month of him living in the Burg his clothes got a little tighter and his barely-beard status was more present with each week. I was annoyed and struck with admiration by his style, I can't lie. I saw it as obnoxious, yet encouraging to incorprate these trends into my own style. We were in bands together in high school, but we split up in college and each started separate projects. Nowadays, without a doubt, he looks like he is in a Burg band. Now the following clip does not share my own personal views on hipsterdom or the stereotypes that come with such a group, but I found it entertaining, so here ya go:

The !!! Dance

I feel it is past due that I take some time to highlight a certain man and his stage presence. Nic Offer is the lead singer for !!! or Chk Chk Chk. He was also the one of founding members of 1990's dance outfit, Out Hud. Offer's incredibly entertaining performances on stage round out the large ensemble that is !!!. Their shows are inevitable dance parties where even the stiffest hipster has to bust out some embarrassing dance moves. Myth Takes, their most recent release, is a polished synthesis of dance party, indie, and witty lyrical composition.

Check out these moves:

and if you have never heard their music: