Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Metric's new release, Fantasies, is not necessarily a let down but certainly a bit disappointing for the almost 4 year wait. Some songs were released during the fall via the Myspace show they played. However, some versions of those songs did make their way on to the final cut of the album. The song "Twilight" was performed with a full band performance originally, but on the album it became a solo Emily Haines and keyboard track. Haines, who most recently found some more success with her own album and tour in between albums seems to be channeling those same feelings with the rearranged "Twilight Galaxy." I found this to be most unfortunate.

Anyway, this album does not lack the typical Metric hooks that may not grab you initially, but over time begin to replay themselves in your head. Three tracks that were played at summer shows like All Points West and Coachella, include "Satellite Mind," "Gimme Sympathy," and "Stadium Love," remained in their original form on Fantasies. With my first listen, I felt like the melodies were redundant and lyrics were kind of empty, which was kind of ridiculous because they posted a video just before the album's release explaining how Emily needed to escape in order to write "better" lyrics.

They didn't let me down though. It is definitely not their best by any means, but it is a Metric album. It plays a cohesive united blending elements from both of their previous releases Live it Out and Old World Underground.
The first single "Help I'm Alive" I thought was a dud when I heard it on the myspace stream before the album even came out. After a few listens on the album, I changed my opinion and it is now one of my favorites on the album. I guess I'm a sucker for some electro-acoustic grooves once in a while.

That is what Metric is good at, for the most part. They don't write songs that pull you in close right away. The songs that I have loved by Metric over the years take many listens to fully appreciate them, for me anyway. "The Police and the Private" off of Live It Out is tucked away into that record, but it was another reason for me to keep listening to them even after I thought that "Glass Ceilings" would be the only song I would like.

So when you start listening to Fantasies, don't sit down hoping for your new favorite album. Instead, just keep a close ear to find some hidden jems that may be your new guilty pleasure. It isn't one of my favorites of 2009, but it is a dance-pop record.

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