Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dirty Projectors

This is a band that initially I heard about and made an awful face because I thought their name was pretentious and that they probably were not that good. However, I was firmly mistaken. Dave Longstreth is one of the most ingenious arrangers and songwriters that I have heard in the last couple of years. Channeling some David Byrne is his quirky deliveries and vocal styling, Longstreth has made his band known with their compelling and versatile live performances.

The first time I realized how incredibly talented the Dirty Projectors are was when I saw the live video for the title track off of their album Rise Above. Their harmonies were frighteningly clear and their presence was subtle, yet intense. Longstreth along side Angel Deradoorian and Amber Coffman keep you listening with their offbeat rhythmic harmonies and delightfully contrasting vocal styles. Stillness is the Move EP has just recently come out as a prelude to their upcoming LP, Bitte Orca. The title track is something worth sitting down for. They are also touring with TV on the Radio this summer.

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