Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 10 Songs to Walk to

Having a soundtrack to your walk around campus or downtown is essential, in my opinion. It accommodates a solo trip somewhere and reassures confidence in a powerful stride. Finding the right song to support such an act can be surprising, but is always satisfying. Depending on your mood, these songs can range from a somber acoustic jam to a keyboard thick celebration of dance or maybe even a diminished chord heavy hardcore track. I like having good background music to do people watching in cities, using public transportation, and mostly for judging people unknowingly. My recent top 10 songs to walk to are:

1. Myth Takes- !!!
2. Young Love-The Mystery Jets
3. The Breaks-Kurtis Blow
4. 69 Faces of Love- King Khan & His Shrines
5. Racetrack in France-Gil Scott Heron
6. Drivin' Down the Block- Kidz in the Hall
7. Lovesick- Friendly Fires
8. High Voltage- Eagles of Death Metal
9. Little Girl- Death from Above 1979
10. The Casualty- Cursive

What are yours?

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