Monday, February 16, 2009

Dining Halls and Credit Card Debt

Why does Aramark make me feel more and more comfortable with my credit card debt? Each weekend I fear the options that will be offered to me from the sparse kitchen of the south campus dining hall. Due to the commuter based population here at UML, for some reason they cater to about half of the people who are actually here and present rather depressing entrees and sides for the Friday through Sunday menu. Not to say that their standard weekly menu is much better, but the weekends just feel so much more like a hunger punishment.
This just heightens my dependency on new fast food sandwiches that stain my credit card debt with delicious trans fat. Quizno's put me in the hole over $100 last year alone, but I mean I enjoyed every bite of it. My lack of interest in my prearranged/prepaid meal plan at UML keeps me anticipating the next "Loaded Steakhouse Burger" from Burger King. Yes, this may sound pathetic, I'm glad to be the go to guy in my group for what the new sandwich at any landmark on Burger Row may be. What can I say, I really enjoy knowing how to proper utilize the dollar menu to its full extent.
The Aramark provided food at our dining hall at UML is disheartening and leaves everyone I know unsatisfied and miserable. Considering the economic situation and cutting of state funding, one must accept the unavailability of certain food luxuries at a university. However, I also tend to consider the overwhelming amount of student loans I'll have to pay off once I'm out of here in a year and have a heavy load of credit card debt to deal with because of nights where going out to eat was of course the better option. All we're asking is to spice up the menu, put a little ingenuity and love in it so that I can stop looking for waffle sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts and Baja Chicken sandwiches from Quiznos.

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